What is an 1" Overlay? | Definition of an 1" Overlay - Apex Granite Outlet

"1" overlay" refers to a type of cabinet construction where the cabinet doors and drawers cover only a small portion of the face frame, leaving a 1-inch reveal around the perimeter of each door and drawer. This style of cabinet construction is also known as partial overlay or standard overlay. In contrast, full overlay cabinets cover the entire face frame, leaving no visible frame between the doors and drawers.

One benefit of 1" overlay cabinets is that they are less expensive than full overlay cabinets, making them a popular choice for homeowners on a budget. They also offer a more traditional look, as the visible frame around the doors and drawers creates a classic, "framed" appearance. Additionally, 1" overlay cabinets are often easier to install and adjust than full overlay cabinets, as they do not require as much precision in placement.

However, one potential drawback of 1" overlay cabinets is that they offer less storage space than full overlay cabinets. The visible frame around the doors and drawers takes up space that could otherwise be used for storage. Additionally, the smaller reveal around each door and drawer can create a more cluttered appearance than full overlay cabinets, as there is less negative space between each cabinet element. Overall, 1" overlay cabinets offer a classic and budget-friendly option for kitchen cabinetry, but may not be the best choice for homeowners who prioritize maximum storage and a more streamlined appearance.