What is Build-Up? | Definition of Build Up - Apex Granite Outlet

In the context of kitchen cabinets, a build-up refers to an additional layer of material that is added to the top or bottom of a cabinet box to increase its height or adjust its position. This technique is often used in kitchen remodels when the existing cabinets are too short or too tall to match new appliances or countertops. A build-up can be made of a variety of materials, such as wood, plywood, or MDF, and can be finished to match the existing cabinet or left unfinished for a more industrial look.

Build-ups can also be used to create a custom look in a kitchen by adding decorative elements or architectural features to the cabinet. For example, a build-up can be added to the bottom of a cabinet to create a toe kick or to add decorative moldings or trim. Similarly, a build-up can be added to the top of a cabinet to create a crown molding or other decorative element.

When planning a kitchen remodel that involves the use of build-ups, it's important to work with a qualified contractor or cabinet maker to ensure that the build-up is installed correctly and matches the existing cabinets. The material used for the build-up should be selected based on its strength, durability, and ability to resist moisture and humidity. Proper installation of the build-up is also important to ensure that it is secure and stable, creating a professional and visually appealing finished product.