What is a Corner Cabinet? | Definition of Corner Cabinet - Apex Granite Outlet

Corner cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen design as they help to maximize storage space and offer easy access to kitchen essentials. These cabinets are designed to fit snugly into the corner of the kitchen, making the most of every inch of available space. Corner cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different door styles, finishes, and hardware options to choose from.

One of the most popular types of corner cabinets is the blind corner cabinet. These cabinets have a single door that swings open to reveal a large storage space that is not accessible from the front. To make the most of this hidden storage space, some blind corner cabinets feature pull-out shelves or rotating carousels that allow you to easily access items stored in the back of the cabinet.

Another popular option for corner cabinets is the diagonal corner cabinet. These cabinets have a front-facing door that opens to reveal a triangular-shaped storage space that tapers towards the back. Diagonal corner cabinets are a great way to add visual interest to your kitchen design while also providing ample storage space for items such as pots and pans, small appliances, and other kitchen essentials.

When planning your kitchen design, it's important to consider the role that corner cabinets will play in your overall layout. By choosing the right type of corner cabinet and incorporating it into your design in a way that maximizes storage space and accessibility, you can create a functional and beautiful kitchen that meets all of your needs.