What is a Drain Board? | Definition of a Drain Board - Apex Granite Outlet

A drainboard is a specialized feature built into some kitchen countertops and sinks. It is typically made of the same material as the countertop or sink and is designed to allow water to flow off dishes and cooking utensils as they dry. The purpose of a drainboard is to provide a place for dishes to air-dry and prevent water from pooling on countertops. This is especially useful in small kitchens or kitchens with limited countertop space where there isn't enough room to dry dishes on a separate drying rack.

Drainboards come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different sink and countertop configurations. Some are built into the sink itself, while others are separate pieces that can be placed next to the sink. Some drainboards are sloped to help water flow off dishes more easily, while others are flat. Drainboards can also be found in a range of materials, including stainless steel, porcelain, and solid surface materials like quartz or granite. Choosing the right drainboard for your kitchen will depend on your personal preferences, the size and shape of your sink and countertop, and the overall style of your kitchen.

One of the benefits of using a drainboard is that it can help keep your kitchen countertops cleaner and more hygienic. By providing a designated space for wet dishes to dry, you can avoid leaving water and food residue on your countertops, which can attract bacteria and cause unpleasant odors. Drainboards also make it easier to keep your kitchen organized, as you can quickly stack dishes and utensils in one place as they dry. Finally, drainboards can be an attractive design element in your kitchen, adding a functional and stylish touch to your countertops or sink area.