What is a Full-Extension Guide? | Definition of a Full-Extension Guide - Apex Granite Outlet

A full-access drawer is a type of cabinet drawer that maximizes the usable storage space in a kitchen. Unlike traditional drawers that use a framing system to support the drawer, full-access drawers use a frameless construction method. This means that there is no frame around the outside of the drawer, allowing the drawer box to be as wide as the cabinet box. As a result, full-access drawers can be up to 15% larger than traditional drawers, making them ideal for storing larger items such as pots and pans.

Full-access drawers also feature full-extension slides that allow the drawer to be fully opened, providing complete access to the entire drawer. This is unlike traditional drawers that have a limited extension, which can make it difficult to reach items at the back of the drawer. Additionally, the slides used in full-access drawers are often soft-closing, which reduces the noise when the drawer is closed and helps to protect the drawer box and its contents.

Another advantage of full-access drawers is that they can be customized to meet specific storage needs. For example, they can be equipped with dividers or organizers to help keep items in place and prevent them from shifting during use. This level of customization makes full-access drawers a popular choice for homeowners who want to maximize the storage space in their kitchen and keep their kitchen organized and efficient.