What is a Full-Inset? | Definition of a Full-Inset - Apex Granite Outlet

Full-inset is a type of cabinet construction where the cabinet doors and drawers are designed to fit flush within the face frame of the cabinet, resulting in a seamless appearance. With this type of construction, the door or drawer covers the entire opening of the cabinet, leaving no visible gaps. Full-inset cabinetry is a popular option for those who are looking for a traditional or classic style, as it creates a look reminiscent of fine furniture.

One advantage of full-inset cabinetry is the increased storage space it provides. Since the doors and drawers are flush with the face frame, they do not take up any additional space beyond the cabinet opening. This maximizes the usable interior space of the cabinet, making it easier to store and organize items. Additionally, the lack of gaps between the doors and drawers and the face frame also helps to keep dust and debris from accumulating inside the cabinet.

One downside of full-inset cabinetry is that it requires precise measurements and installation to ensure a proper fit. Any deviations in the measurements or installation can result in gaps between the doors and drawers and the face frame, which can compromise the seamless appearance. Additionally, full-inset cabinetry may be more expensive than other construction types due to the precision required in the manufacturing process.

Despite these potential drawbacks, full-inset cabinetry remains a popular choice for those who value a traditional, seamless appearance and maximum storage space.