What is a Hinge Cup? | Definition of a Hinge Cup - Apex Granite Outlet

Hinge cups are an essential component of kitchen cabinets as they serve as the mounting point for the hinges that attach the door to the cabinet box. A hinge cup is a small, circular hole that is drilled into the cabinet door at a specific angle to accommodate the hinge's movement. The hinge cup is usually located on the back of the door, and it can be visible or hidden depending on the type of cabinet and door design.

There are various types of hinge cups available in the market, including concealed and semi-concealed hinge cups. A concealed hinge cup is designed to be hidden from view, making it an ideal option for modern kitchen cabinets with clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. A semi-concealed hinge cup, on the other hand, is partially visible from the outside and is commonly used in traditional cabinet designs. Hinge cups come in different sizes and depths, and it is essential to choose the right size and depth to ensure a secure and sturdy hinge attachment.

Hinge cups play a vital role in ensuring the proper function and longevity of kitchen cabinets. A poorly installed or loose hinge cup can cause the cabinet door to sag, making it difficult to close or open. Additionally, a damaged hinge cup can cause the hinge to detach from the door or cabinet, resulting in the door falling off. Therefore, it is important to ensure that hinge cups are installed correctly and are of good quality to ensure the smooth operation and durability of kitchen cabinets.