What is a Knife Hinge? | Definition of a Knife Hinge - Apex Granite Outlet

Knife hinge is a type of cabinet hinge that is designed to be hidden from view when the cabinet door is closed. This type of hinge is named after its shape, which resembles that of a knife blade. Knife hinges are typically used for inset cabinet doors, where the door is set flush with the cabinet frame, and for cabinets with narrow stiles and rails that would not accommodate a larger hinge. One advantage of knife hinges is that they can be adjusted for precise alignment of the door with the cabinet frame, which can be helpful in ensuring a clean and uniform appearance for the cabinet.

Knife hinges come in a variety of materials, including steel, brass, and zinc. The most common type of knife hinge is the mortise knife hinge, which is designed to be installed directly into a mortise cut into the cabinet door and frame. This type of hinge is most often used for cabinetry that has a traditional or classic design aesthetic. There are also surface-mounted knife hinges, which are designed to be installed on the surface of the cabinet door and frame. Surface-mounted knife hinges are often used for modern or contemporary cabinets, as they have a sleek and minimalist appearance.

One potential drawback of knife hinges is that they can be more difficult to install than other types of cabinet hinges, due to the precision required for proper alignment. However, once installed, knife hinges offer a smooth and reliable operation that is well-suited for inset doors and narrow stiles and rails. Overall, knife hinges are a versatile and attractive option for cabinet hardware, and can help to enhance the appearance and functionality of kitchen cabinets.