What is Sink Tilt-out Tray? | Definition of Sink Tilt-out Tray - Apex Granite Outlet

A sink tilt-out tray, in relation to kitchen cabinets, is a type of tray or drawer that is installed beneath the kitchen sink. The tray is typically hinged at the top and tilts outwards, providing easy access to cleaning supplies and other items that are stored in the cabinet beneath the sink.

Sink tilt-out trays are a popular addition to modern kitchen design, as they offer a convenient and functional solution for organizing cleaning supplies and other items that are commonly stored beneath the sink. They can be customized to suit the homeowner's preferences, with options for materials, finishes, and hardware.

Sink tilt-out trays are also easy to install and maintain, making them a convenient option for homeowners and contractors alike. They provide a durable and long-lasting solution for organizing and accessing items beneath the sink, which can help to improve the overall functionality and efficiency of the kitchen.