What is an Undermount Drawer Glides? | Definition of an Undermount Drawer Glides - Apex Granite Outlet

Undermount drawer glides are a type of drawer slide hardware that is mounted underneath the drawer box, creating a clean and seamless look for kitchen cabinets. These drawer glides are popular in modern kitchen designs due to their sleek and streamlined appearance. They also provide better support and stability for heavy loads, as the weight of the drawer is distributed evenly along the bottom of the cabinet.

The installation of undermount drawer glides requires precise measurements and careful alignment to ensure smooth operation. They are typically installed in pairs, with one glide attached to the cabinet and the other to the drawer. The drawer is then carefully inserted onto the glides, which provide a smooth and quiet operation. Undermount drawer glides also feature a soft-close mechanism, which gently closes the drawer without slamming.

One of the main advantages of undermount drawer glides is that they provide easy access to the entire drawer, as there is no center support to obstruct items stored inside. They also make cleaning the drawers and cabinets much easier, as there are no protruding hardware pieces to interfere with the cleaning process. Additionally, undermount drawer glides are typically rated for heavy-duty use, making them ideal for use in kitchens where drawers are frequently opened and closed.