Our Mission

At Apex we strive to be more than just suppliers of home improvement related products by keeping the consumers informed. There are many nuances to the home improvement process. Not only will we provide you with premium products across all aspects of home improvement, but we will also educate you on those products to the best of our abilities.

We will continue to broaden our inventory of home improvement products. At the moment, our online store consists of a few categories: kitchen and vanity cabinets in American Shaker and European Frameless styles, engineered and natural stone countertops and peninsulas, and Arba - a collection of ornate vanity improvement products. But as time goes on, we will continue to add more and more products to this online marketplace. Our warehouses have always been one stop shops for your home improvement needs, and we will carry that sentiment forwards with our online store.

Currently in the works are the additions of cabinet accessories, sink bowls from Cadell, sink faucets for kitchen and vanity, kitchen hoods from Hauslane, shower doors, shower panels, and more.

Our Locations

We currently have seven different warehouses across California, with various warehouses across both Central and Southern California.