What is a Base Angle Cabinet? | Definition of Base Angle Cabinet - Apex Granite Outlet

A base angle cabinet is a type of kitchen cabinet that is designed to fit in the corner of the kitchen, where two walls meet at an angle. The cabinet is shaped like a triangle and is often used as a filler piece to maximize the use of space in a kitchen. The base angle cabinet typically has two doors that open at a 45-degree angle, allowing easy access to the contents inside.
Base angle cabinets are available in a range of sizes to fit various kitchen layouts and designs. They can be customized to include adjustable shelves, pull-out trays, or other organizational features to maximize storage space and functionality. Base angle cabinets can also be made with a range of materials and finishes to match the rest of the kitchen cabinetry.

One of the benefits of a base angle cabinet is that it allows for efficient use of corner space, which is often underutilized in kitchens. By placing a cabinet in the corner, homeowners can increase storage space and make better use of the available square footage. Additionally, base angle cabinets can add a decorative touch to the kitchen and can be customized to match the rest of the cabinetry and decor.

In summary, base angle cabinets are a practical and efficient solution for maximizing corner space in a kitchen. They can be customized to fit the specific needs of the homeowner and can add a decorative touch to the kitchen. With a range of sizes, materials, and finishes available, homeowners can find a base angle cabinet that meets their storage and design needs.