What is Casing? | Definition of Casing - Apex Granite Outlet

In the context of kitchen cabinets, a casing refers to the trim that is used to frame the cabinet openings. Casings can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood or composite materials, and come in different styles to match the overall design aesthetic of the kitchen. They can be installed around the edges of cabinet openings to create a finished and polished look.

Casing serves several important functions in kitchen cabinet design. First, it helps to conceal any rough edges or gaps between the cabinets and the wall. This can improve the appearance of the cabinets and create a more cohesive look in the kitchen. Casing can also be used to add visual interest to the cabinets, with options ranging from simple, straight edges to more elaborate designs with intricate details and patterns.

Casing can be installed in a variety of ways, depending on the specific design of the kitchen cabinets. Some casings are installed using nails or screws, while others may use adhesive or other methods. Proper installation is important to ensure that the casing remains securely in place and creates a clean, finished look around the cabinet openings. Overall, casings are an essential element in the design and installation of kitchen cabinets, helping to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.