What is Face Frame? | Definition of Face Frame - Apex Granite Outlet

Face frame is a structural feature of kitchen cabinets that is composed of a frame made of solid wood, typically 1-2 inches wide, that is attached to the front of the cabinet box. The frame surrounds the cabinet openings, which are typically doors or drawers, and adds stability and rigidity to the cabinet structure. Face frames are a common feature of traditional cabinet designs and can be made from a variety of wood species, including oak, maple, and cherry.

One of the benefits of face frames is that they provide a surface for attaching cabinet doors and drawers. Hinges and drawer glides are attached to the face frame, allowing doors and drawers to be easily opened and closed. The frame also hides the edges of the cabinet box, providing a more finished appearance. Additionally, face frames can be used to conceal gaps between cabinets or walls, making the installation look more seamless.

There are two main types of face frame designs: traditional overlay and full overlay. In traditional overlay, the cabinet doors and drawers are mounted on the face frame, leaving a gap between the doors and drawers. In full overlay, the doors and drawers cover the face frame completely, giving a more modern, streamlined look. Face frames can also be customized with decorative details such as carved or raised panels, beaded edges, or arches to add a unique touch to the kitchen design.