What is a Fake Drawer Front? | Definition of a Fake Drawer Front - Apex Granite Outlet

A fake drawer front is a decorative panel that appears to be a functional drawer but does not actually open. It is used in kitchen cabinets for aesthetic purposes or to maintain the design consistency of the cabinet's front. In some cases, a fake drawer front is used to conceal a plumbing or electrical fixture that runs behind the cabinet.

Fake drawer fronts can be made of various materials such as wood, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), or plywood, and can come in different styles and finishes to match the cabinet's design. The size and shape of the fake drawer front are typically designed to match the rest of the cabinet's drawer fronts, making it difficult to distinguish from a real drawer.

When designing a kitchen cabinet layout, it's important to consider the use of fake drawer fronts in areas where a functional drawer is not necessary. For example, in front of a sink where the plumbing fixtures require clearance, or under a cooktop where the space is utilized for a storage drawer or pull-out tray. By using fake drawer fronts, the cabinet's design remains consistent, and the appearance of a fully functional kitchen cabinet is maintained.