What is Grid? | Definition of a Grid - Apex Granite Outlet

In kitchen cabinetry, a grid refers to a pattern created by dividing cabinet doors, drawers, or panels into equal squares or rectangles using vertical and horizontal lines. The lines are typically grooves or indentations that are either carved into the wood or added as decorative overlays. Grids can be used to add visual interest to cabinetry, provide texture, and create a traditional or classic look.

There are several types of grids that can be used in kitchen cabinetry, including simple grids, mullion grids, and diamond grids. Simple grids are created by dividing a cabinet door or panel into equal squares or rectangles using lines. Mullion grids, on the other hand, feature small glass panes or decorative grilles that are installed within the divided sections. Diamond grids are created by dividing panels or doors into diamond shapes rather than squares or rectangles.

Grids can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the overall design of a kitchen. They can be used to break up large expanses of cabinetry, add visual interest to plain cabinet doors, or create a focal point in a kitchen. Depending on the style and color of the cabinetry, grids can also be used to create a traditional or contemporary look in a kitchen.