What is a Mounting Plate? | Definition of a Mounting Plate - Apex Granite Outlet

Mounting plates are an essential component of cabinet installation and play a crucial role in ensuring the cabinet doors are aligned and work correctly. They are used to attach the hinges of the cabinet doors to the cabinet box. Mounting plates are typically made of metal and can be adjusted to different positions to achieve the perfect fit and alignment for the cabinet doors. They also allow for easy removal and adjustment of cabinet doors, making maintenance and repair more accessible.

There are different types of mounting plates available for kitchen cabinets, such as clip-on and screw-on. Clip-on mounting plates are easy to install and are held in place by clips, while screw-on mounting plates require screws to secure them to the cabinet box. The choice of mounting plates depends on the type of cabinet and the preference of the installer.

Mounting plates are an essential part of cabinet hardware, and their quality can significantly impact the functionality and durability of the cabinet doors. High-quality mounting plates are made of durable materials, are adjustable, and have precise positioning to ensure smooth and reliable operation of the cabinet doors. In contrast, low-quality mounting plates can cause misalignment and looseness in the cabinet doors, leading to premature wear and tear. Therefore, it's crucial to choose high-quality mounting plates for your kitchen cabinets to ensure they function correctly and last for years to come.