What is an Overlay? | Definition of an Overlay - Apex Granite Outlet

Overlay is a term used in the manufacturing of kitchen cabinets to describe the amount of cabinet face frame that is covered by the cabinet door or drawer front. There are two main types of overlay: partial and full. In partial overlay, the cabinet door or drawer front covers only part of the face frame, leaving a small portion of it visible. This type of overlay is also called "standard" or "traditional." Full overlay, on the other hand, covers the entire face frame, giving the cabinet a more seamless, modern look.

There are a few factors that can influence the choice between partial and full overlay. One is the overall style of the kitchen. Partial overlay tends to be more traditional, while full overlay is more modern. Another factor is the size of the cabinet. In smaller cabinets, full overlay can make the door or drawer front look disproportionately large. Finally, cost can also be a factor. Full overlay cabinets require more material, so they tend to be more expensive than partial overlay cabinets.

Overall, the choice of overlay can have a significant impact on the look and feel of the kitchen. Partial overlay can create a more classic, traditional look, while full overlay is more modern and streamlined. Homeowners should carefully consider their overall design goals, as well as factors such as cost and the size of the cabinets, when choosing between the two types of overlay.