What is a Reveal? | Definition of a Reveal - Apex Granite Outlet

In kitchen cabinetry, reveal refers to the visible portion of the cabinet frame or box that is exposed when the doors and drawers are closed. The reveal can be seen along the edges of the cabinet doors and drawers where they meet the cabinet frame or box. It is usually the distance between the edge of the door or drawer and the edge of the cabinet frame or box. Reveal can be used to create different looks and styles in kitchen cabinetry. Cabinets with a larger reveal tend to have a more traditional or classic look, while those with a smaller reveal have a more contemporary or modern look.

The reveal can also affect the functionality of the cabinetry. A larger reveal can provide easier access to the interior of the cabinet and can make it easier to open and close the doors and drawers. However, a smaller reveal can provide a cleaner, more streamlined look and can be easier to clean. The reveal can also be adjusted during the installation process to ensure that all of the cabinets are level and plumb and that the gaps between the doors and drawers are consistent.

The reveal can be customized to fit the specific style and design of the kitchen. Some cabinet manufacturers offer a range of reveal options, from a zero-reveal or flush look to a larger, more decorative reveal. The reveal can be further enhanced with molding or other decorative elements. When selecting cabinetry, it is important to consider the size of the reveal and how it will impact the overall look and functionality of the kitchen.