What is Self-Close Mechanism? | Definition of Self-Close Mechanism - Apex Granite Outlet

A self-close mechanism, in relation to kitchen cabinets, is a hardware component that allows cabinet doors and drawers to close automatically when pushed gently. The mechanism uses a spring or hydraulic system to gently pull the door or drawer closed after it has been opened, providing a smooth and effortless closing motion.

The self-close mechanism is typically installed on the hinges or drawer slides of the cabinet, and can be adjusted to control the speed and force of the closing motion. This allows for customization to suit the user's preference, as well as providing an added level of safety by preventing cabinets from accidentally being left open.

The self-close mechanism is a popular feature in modern kitchen cabinet design, as it enhances convenience and efficiency in the kitchen. It reduces the risk of cabinet doors and drawers being left open, which can create a hazard in a busy kitchen environment. Additionally, it can help to prolong the lifespan of the cabinets by reducing wear and tear caused by slamming or forcefully closing doors and drawers.