What is the Work Triangle? | Definition of the Work Triangle - Apex Granite Outlet

The work triangle is a design concept in kitchen layout that helps to optimize the functionality and efficiency of a kitchen space. The triangle is formed by three points: the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink. These are the most frequently used areas in the kitchen, and the goal of the work triangle is to minimize the distance and effort required to move between them.

The ideal work triangle is roughly equilateral, with each side between four and nine feet long. This allows for easy movement and accessibility without wasting unnecessary space. The work triangle is an important consideration for kitchen designers, as it can greatly affect the overall functionality of a kitchen.

While the work triangle is a useful guideline, it is not a strict rule that must be followed in every kitchen design. In some cases, the layout of the kitchen may not allow for an ideal triangle, or the homeowner may have specific needs or preferences that require a different layout. However, by keeping the work triangle in mind, designers can create a kitchen that is both functional and efficient.